Saint Hubertus: How The Olympics Touch Us All

Gold was used as a precious ornament before it was used as money. The earliest gold jewellery, which flourished between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers Saint Hubertus in southern Iraq in 3000 BC, was worn by both men and women at large.

Egypt is well-known for its gold ornaments Patron Saint of Hunters Medal, used by kings and queens. In the famous tomb of king Tutankhamun, there were some wonderful ornaments preserved, made of gold like necklaces, earrings and gold mask. The body of the King was enclosed in a coffin made of gold with sheets 2mm thick, 90kilos weight. The head of the mummy was covered in a gold mask.

Gold has a special position for Indian brides and Indian royalty. It is for their security for the future. The famous Indian movie Devdas is a perfect example of the ostentatious jewellery of the country.

In the Indo-Pak subcontinent gold Saint Hubertus is not only given in dowry but it is also an expression of joy and consolation.

Throughout the ancient history, it is observed that men also used gold ornaments in one form or another. Man gold chains are getting huge popularity in different parts of the world. These chains are available in retail stores and are also available online. Usually, people prefer ordering gold chains from the internet, which is convenient and safe.

Gold has always been a powerful instrument. It was used by powerful men to show their strong position in the society. They used to wear gold ornaments in order Saint Hubertus to look superior and display their remarkable wealth and position in the society. The most popular ornaments were the man gold chains.

Then, after the universal acceptance of gold, people realized the unusual benefits they could gain by using such metals. People used it as a medium of exchange Saint Hubertus for goods and services. Gold coins were used as a medium of exchange. Furthermore, people engraved their profile and names in the coins, in order to spread their recognition and status.

Craftsmen designed beautiful gold jewellery in the form of various ornaments like necklace, bracelets, chains etc. As jewellery making increased worldwide Saint Hubertus, designs for men and women were made separately. Males prefer wearing gold chains and rings, whereas women prefer earrings, bangles, bracelets etc. Women used these ornaments to display their beauty and wealth. The upper class women wore elegant suits with delicate and precious gems including a tiara, comb, pins, necklace, earrings and rings. These assets were a symbol of refinement and style.

Many great human achievements were rewarded with gold medals and decorations. In different institutions, winners of races are given gold medals.

It is also found that gold has been associated with religion and spirituality. It was specially linked with the sun. It was the best tool used for decorating religious descriptions.